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Is Apple News Worth $9.99 A Month

Is Apple News Worth $9.99 A Month

The $9.99 per month subscription, offering access to more than 300 magazines and newspapers, is part of Apple's services effort.. Apple today announced Apple News+, a new subscription service that ... Apple News+ is available today in the US for $9.99 a month and in.... APPLE has just launched its News+ service in the UK. This means that British customers can now purchase a 9.99 a month subscription and.... The service launched one month ago, with access to more than 300 titles for one monthly fee and here's why, after 30 days, we decided to cancel.. Similar to Apple Music, you can test out the service for 30 days and decide if Apple News+ is worth $9.99 a month. If you subscribed to this.... The service costs $9.99 after a one-month free trial, but is it worth the monthly subscription?. So, I decided to give it a chance to Apple News+. It seemed like a great deal... $9.99/month for access to The Wall Street Journal (which I pay anyway), LA Times,.... Apple News+: Are 300 magazines worth $9.99 a month? Edward C. Baig. USA TODAY.. Apple's $9.99-a-month news service is great if you like magazines and use Apple devices, but it leaves a lot of people out. Published Wed, Apr 10.... For $10 a month, Apple News Plus is the most comprehensive magazine ... Are more magazines than you could ever reliably read worth $120 a year? ... for far less than the $9.99 a month that Apple is charging for News Plus.. Also, each month, over 5 billion articles are read in Apple News. ... In the US, the subscription price is $9.99 a month, after a free one-month trial. ... I think it is worth testing the platform without spending too much manual effort.. Apple in late March unveiled its new Apple News+ service, which is designed to let Apple News users access over 200 magazines and some.... Apple today unveiled a revamped Apple News app, which now includes a premium tier called Apple News+, offering access to more than 300.... Apple News Plus operates on the Spotify/Netflix model: Once readers are in they have access to everything. In the US, the subscription price is $9.99 a month,.... I really want to try this service, but I have not pulled the trigger. The price point is a bit high for the type of reading I would do on this.. After updating your devices and launching the News, everyone can start a month-long free trial before the $9.99 fee kicks in.. Apple News Plus offers 300 top magazines for $9.99 a month, but does it offer the same value for money as all-you-can eat subscriptions like.... Originally Answered: Apple News+: Is it worth the $9.99 per Month subscription Price? I really want to try this service, but I have not pulled the trigger. The price.... It's been hugely hyped and roundly criticized, but after more than a month's intensive use, Apple News+ has proved to have very specific good.... Apple launches Apple News+ in US and Canada, a subscription service with ... to 3 days worth of business and financial news in WSJ's archives Apple News+ ... to pay $9.99 per month for access to 300 magazines and select newspapers.


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